!! ❓!! Gardening FAQ Friday: Book Deal? Pruning Evergreens? Planting Bulbs? | Linda Vater

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❓❓❓ It’s been a while since I’ve done an FAQ Friday! Some of these questions I have answered before, but I get asked them over and over again, so thought it might be helpful to revisit them. If you’ve got any questions for next week, just put them in the comments below and I’ll try to address them✅. Have a great weekend everyone!

Answers to Your Questions:
Where is my garden furniture from?
Tidewater Wooden Bench: http://www.tidewaterworkshop.com/allbenches.html

What is my video posting schedule?
I try to get a video up almost every day.

When to plant bulbs?
Late November to Early December for people in Oklahoma Zone 7a
Here's a link to a great Colorblends article with different zone information:

What happens when bulbs are sold out?
Ask them to make another recommendation or see what they have left in stock and be surprised!

Am I going to write a book?
Yes! Excited to say things are in the works and I'll keep everyone posted with more info when there's more to say.

My thoughts on drip irrigation for topiary?
I find it works better for larger pots in the summer but the smaller ones I prefer to water by hand.

When to plant pansies?
Typically I don't install my pansies until after I've got my tulips in the ground. Anytime between early spring to late fall.

Pruning evergreens?
A great time to prune your evergreens is right around Christmas time so you can bring the foliage in and use them as holiday decor.

Caring for my boxwood balls in my front yard after the ice storm damage?
I'll do a video all about this topic but the main things I will be doing are:
- Pruning them in the spring into a better shape and allow them to recover
- Cut them back hard and allow them to regrow
- Use twine or other things to support them

How do I grow things in clay?
I amend with lots of compost, leaves, and other organic matter. I also, look for plants that are adaptable to clay soil. Check out the video I did with Dragon Prince Cryptomeria by SOUTHERN LIVING PLANTS: https://youtu.be/tma0qrQZmbU

How I get on with my rival the squirrels?
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