THE OFFICE. group exhibition, In Bloom, feat. Joe Garvey , Jason Seife

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THE OFFICE. art gallery is proud to present group exhibition, In Bloom, featuring New York artist, Joe Garvey, and Miami native, Jason Seife. The exhibition pilots a new series of paintings and structural subjects by Joe Garvey and Jason Seife, focusing on botanical subject matter. The two artists take different approaches to their floral works. Seife’s hyper- realistic paintings mesmerize the viewer with their powerfully detailed and enhanced floral subjects. Joe Garvey’s soothing nature-infused paintings are marked by hints of abstract expressionist matter that operates in concert with thoughtful use of negative spaces.

Rekindling Nature’s Therapeutic Aptitudes

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past year, it is that nature provides an essential therapeutic escape. It’s no surprise that the virus has altered our lives in several ways. Through the turmoil, however, many of us have rekindled our relationship with nature and its botanical gifts. The technological advancements in the past two decades have brought us through a slow and steady detachment from our natural environments that surround us. And during a time with many hardships, where in one way or another we’ve experienced struggles with mental health, it’s been apparent that nature’s botanical offerings have been a lifeline for many of us.

In Bloom seeks to highlight the often under-addressed and overlooked conversation surrounding mental health, while simultaneously presenting the common rediscovery of nature’s botanical subjects and the remedial abilities they provide. There’s no denying that nature presents many therapeutic abilities and when developing the presentation for our exhibition, we discovered several proven benefits for mental health, through nature. Such benefits include reduced feelings of stress or anger, improved confidence and self-esteem, improved mood and so on. Throughout the world, it is evident that there is an inadequate timely access to quality mental health services. However, Seife and Garvey aim to take you through a different dimension of mental health remedy, by celebrating floral and botanical subjects.

THE OFFICE. exhibition, In Bloom, is happy to partner with the Kevin Love Fund, which is breaking the stigma around mental health and ensures that people who are suffering have the support needed to thrive, with an emphasis on underserved communities. We are delighted to be donating to the KLF, particularly funding their mental health education programs positioned in low-income and underserved communities in the U.S.

When considering presenting THE OFFICE.’s first exhibition in the year 2021, it was imperative that we focused our underlying message on a subject beyond botanical elements, but more specifically on reflection and redirection, in living life with a renewed and more aware perspective of the world. A reflection on lessons learned during such a troubling time, and a redirection or shift in our everyday lives whether that be internally, through relationships, or even professionally. The exhibition encompasses a new direction of works by both artists, demonstrating the importance of adaptability and variance in our work.

Not only are we fascinated by the different approaches that the artists achieved in creating the works for the installation, but we’re delighted that our appreciation for botanical specimens comes full circle, into this brilliant exhibition.

Group exhibition, In Bloom, commemorates the beauty of flowers and all botanical specimens, as shown in the subject matter of the paintings. The exhibition allows us to breath in the fresh oxygen from our natural surroundings as we take in the magnificence of these two artists and their limitless artistic abilities. Amerce yourself in our garden oasis, in the heart of Miami Design District.
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