What’s 'Zoom Boom'? The Unexpected Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Us | Why It Matters | Full Episode

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Since COVID-19 broke out, there’s been an overwhelming focus on infection rates and death tolls. But are these numbers the only ones that really matter? What else can the COVID data tell us about how we’re adapting to this “new normal”? And why does it even matter?

Host Joshua Lim returns in a special episode that explores the hidden stories behind the statistics that have come out of this pandemic. Uncover new information and thought-provoking insights on how COVID-19 has shaped our world in the past year, and what impact this will have on us moving forward.

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About WHY IT MATTERS: Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. It is transforming the world we live in faster than ever before. Our inquisitive host Joshua Lim is back on a mission to sniff out the emerging trends and technologies, to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask, and some you have never even thought about.
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